The bike path of Alta Valle Camonica was inaugurated on 20 july 2012 and link Pontedilegno to Vezza d’Oglio. The lenght is 12 km and is developed closer to the Oglio river, throug si sviluppa lungo il fiume Oglio, through meadows, woods and small towns. The bike path The track is very flat (270 mt), and this feature makes it accessible to family and all kind of sportsman. (You can take it in Ponte di Legno in the Via Fratelli Calvi 43). Come here and try it, will be an amazing experience in the wild nature!

For the bike fans there are some of most famous track of Giro d’Italia like Passo Gavia and Passo Mortirolo. Download the details of this tracks clicking on the image!

Giro d’Italia 2014, sixteenth stage Ponte di Legno-Val Martello

The Nordik Walking is a popular sport in the countries of northern Europe, initially used for pre-season training for those who practice cross-country skiing. Year after year, involving a growing number of people, and today is considered a real sport. The Adamello Ski area is one of the most beautiful places in the north of Italy for Nordic Walking.

A short walk from the center of Ponte di Legno is easy to reach Val Sozzine, here is a path-equipped fitness that allows for top athletes to be in the middle of nature during a workout!

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An extreme form of sport, or something extremely fun-filled for young and old, alike? The answer is simple: Rafting is an exciting whitewater ride on board of an inflatable raft designed especially for this type of sport. Rafting is one of the most popular sports enjoyed in the Val di Sole, and can honestly be called one of the most entertaining and enjoyable sport activity available here – provided that all safety precautions are strictly observed. Rafting is a sport for everyone, requiring no preparatory classes or special abilities. You can start right away by boarding a raft waiting for you on the shores of the torrential Noce – after all of the necessary safety measures have already been taken, of course.

Find all details about rafting in Val di Sole

The mountains of Alta Val Camonica and Alta Val di sole are ready to welcome you for a unique experience of trekking, including the Adamello-Presanella and Ortles-Cevedale. You will walk in close contact with nature, choosing from a dense network of paths that can satisfy different levels of preparation among beautiful pine forests, meadows and pastures from the beautiful blooms that bear witness to the work of man and his love for these mountains. But even among towering mountain peaks, sparkling glaciers, crystal clear streams between, between paths where the story gets lost in the thousands of years of human evolutionary past and finally between the trenches and the testimonies of those who, in these mountains, fought a war made ​​huge sacrifices.

Here are some hints to choose a trek to suit your degree of fitness degree: