All around the B & B will be able to experience high mountain particularly fascinating. Scenic routes through the connotations of scenery, natural and historic thrill you.

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The ski training is an important practice to get in shape early in the season and minimize the risk of injury. As happens in all seasons winter a large number of skiers takes the ‘sports activity after months on the sidelines and this can lead to serious physical problems. Skiing is a sport that requires good preparation to be carried out in complete safety. As everyone knows, the knees are particularly stressed and to preserve them, are necessary, at least, quadriceps (front thigh muscles) trained. A Ponte di Legno, pedestrian or cycle on the track in Val Sozzine in the path of fitness you can prepare for the winter season.

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There are several spa facilities at hotels in Ponte di Legno.

The foliage that spontaneous phenomenon that some species of trees in autumn will change the color of their leaves, from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. A natural event that turns into a great show, with hundreds of fans. In high Valcamonica, enough boots, jacket and camera. Ready?

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