A few minutes away of the ski area of AdamelloSki, B&B Villa Dalegno offer different accomodation options. The large room are very comfortable, are ideal for both winter and summer holiday. All rooms are equipped with free WiFi, and with all you need for a pleasant holiday, they all have some windows with panoramic view; also are all equipped with private bathroom, living zone, and kitchen at your service. The floor are made with typical stone or wooden parquet and the furniture is made ​​entirely of wood. The structure was made recently and very close (0,1 mile) is possible to park your car in a free parking.

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The ski area is closer to our Bed & Breakfast, and is reachable easily because are only 1 mile far by car or by bus; guests can leave therir ski equipment or their bike equipment on a room dedicated to them. In summer is possible do sunbath to our balcony exposed to east or west with panoramic view of the valley. Our Bed & Breakfast is an ideal starting point for the lover of hicking or trekking.
Warm welcome, confortable rooms, tasty breakfast are the main characteristics of this small family Bed & Breakfast located in Villa Dalegno … you will immediately feel at home!

Some news about Villa Dalegno:

Villa Dalegno is a small town of the municipality of Temù, and is closer directly with con Ponte di Legno in the north of Italy.
Villa Dalegno was chief town of Magnificient Community of Dalegno until the division happened in 1624; the traditional legend say that closer to the town, in an area called “Castel” (also today you can go on foot in 1 hour), was the ancient castle of the Lombard Lords called Dalegno. The legend say that on arrival of Charlemagne, all the riches were liquefied on an pagan idol depicting a golden calf; the Lords tried to escape the wrath of Charlemagne using underground tunnels, but when they moved to Passo del Gavia the tunnels collapsed burying the fugitives with the pagan idol…

  • Rappresentazione di Carlo Magno
  • Statua di Carlo Magno
  • Tempio Longobardo a Cevedale del Friuli
  • Tempio Longobardo a Cevedale del Friuli
  • Possibile interpretazione del vitello d'oro

As we were and how we are:

In this slideshow are showed some old pictures of how the town is changed from the past maintaining the original setting.

  • Cartolina di Villa Dalegno
  • Cartolina di Ponte di Legno
  • Cartolina di Villa Dalegno fotografata da Poia
  • Cartolina di Villa Dalegno fotografata da Poia
  • Cartolina di Villa Dalegno e della Val D'Avio
  • Cartolina di Villa Dalegno con dettagli della catena montuosa
  • Cartolina di Villa Dalegno